Cold Blooded Creatures
Jim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded CreaturesJim Nesci's Cold Blooded Creatures

Cold Blooded Creatures Animals

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Bubba the Alligator - Cold Blooded CreaturesBubba

Scientific name:  Alligator mississipiensis

Bubba the alligator is a phenomenon!  He is the one and only North American Alligator who takes commands from his trainer, Jim.  Bubba came to Jim as a rescue from the Chicago area. Of all the animals he has ever trained, Bubba is his pride and joy. Jim’s experience and patience has created a trust between them, that goes beyond the norm of pet and trainer.  He is a unique individual who builds bonds with special needs children and adults alike.  He amazes teachers and audiences wherever he performs.  He has appeared in schools, hospitals, museums and various TV shows and advertisements. Bubba is over 8 feet long, and weighs over 200 pounds.

Big Al Aldabra Tortoise - Cold Blooded CreaturesBig Al

Scientific name:  Geochelone gigantia

Big Al is an Aldabra Tortoise.  He is currently the largest of Jim’s reptiles, weighing in at 250 pounds.  This gentle giant’s specie originates in the Seychelle Islands off of the eastern coast of Africa. Big Al was captive bred, coming from a private owner in San Diego.  He is a male, and is 23 years old.  He could live to be over 200 years old.







Lucky North American Alligator - Cold Blooded CreaturesLucky

Scientific name:  Alligator mississipiensis

Lucky is a North American Alligator and has an interesting story.  He was 12 inches long, a yearling alligator, when he came to Jim as a refugee from a water sewage treatment plant.  Lucky is small enough to be held by audience members.  Lucky can be safely handled by all who want to participate.



Blondie Albino Burmese Python - Cold Blooded CreaturesBlondie

Scientific name:  Python molurus bivittatus

Blondie is an Albino Burmese Python, and has a beautiful blonde color.  Blondie is a poplular part of the audience participation. Jim lines up people from the audience, who are thrilled to hold her.




Tank African Spurred Tortoise - Cold Blooded CreaturesTank

Scientific name:  Geochelone sulcata

Tank is an African Spurred Tortoise, from Central and Northern Africa.  He was the size of a silver dollar when Jim first received him, he was also captive bred.  These are the largest of the continental tortoises, not including the Galapagos and Aldabra tortoises.




Dragon water monitor - Cold Blooded CreaturesDragon

Scientific name:  Varanus salvator

Dragon is a large water monitor who is about 7 feet long and 60 pounds.  This specie is from Indonesia.  They are the first cousins to the Komodo dragon.  They are the next largest lizard in size.




Godzilla - Black throat lizard - Cold Blooded CreaturesGodzilla

Scientific name:  Varanus albigularis ionides

Godzilla is a Black throat monitor lizard.  This specie is native to Tanzania.  They are known for eating venomous snakes, but are found to be immune from the bite of these snakes.